About Us:

Brooklyn Blessing showcases content produced by David A. Castro: spiritual books, sci-fi series, comedy skits, and more.  As an author on spiritual themes, David labored for two decades to polish his manuscripts and to learn the publishing process. A college drop-in in 1999, he developed an interest in entertainment media and has become passionate about script-writing, producing, directing, and acting. He also hopes to support and facilitate other talented performers.

A significant world-wide revival that began in a small church in Toronto, Canada in 1994 was given the name “The Toronto Blessing” because of its positive affect on millions of people around the world. In his own distinctive form and unconventional style, David hopes to provide a blessing from Brooklyn.

In recent years, David has completed the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program at Brooklyn College (2007), and the Master of Arts in Media Studies & Film program at The New School University in New York City (2008). His first sci-fi series, “Fanny Fly And The Aliens On High,” is currently Public on the web.

An extraordinary dramatic action script is also in the works. “By a model-less model, I wish to say things that haven’t been said before, in ways not seen before.” - David