Canvassing for Biden-Harris in the East Vilage, Manhattan, in October 2020. Then on Election Day, November 3, 2020, canvassing in the trenches of Brooklyn until 9:00 pm. It was wonderfully glorious! Then on Saturday I blew this horn on Graham Avenue to affirm the Biden-Harris win.  
  Canvassing for Jumaane Williams, February 2019; admiring a Harley-Davidson motorcycle; in a karate stance; at the gym.  
I was given these golden praying hands as acknowledgement for my ministry of prayer, 1985. I was skinny back then; I almost married the Black Cuban girl on the left but her aunt advised against it; My brother and 2 sisters visiting me at the Lincoln Hall School For Boys on my 15th birthday, May 1971.
Mom at a friend's house; In the hospital; outside a pizza shop with her best friend.
Mom posing at a clinic. She was so happy after getting cataract surgery because she wasn't able to see anything for about a year, but then she could see clearly, even reading words on t.v.
  I showed Mom how to make carrot juice in the 1970's and she loved it; So happy for Christmas when she can see everything perfectly; With our Home Attendant Ysabel in 2016.  
  On the roof of our building on Bushwick Avenue; Here's Mom on the right and her older sister, Edith,on the left, in front of their dad's church, which is my grandfather, Rev. Frank Vazquez. Notice the name on the sign, He was an Apostle of the Pentecostal Church and he established several churches. We lived in that building in Brooklyn; Here is Mom as a teenager with her dad's car in front of the church on Bushwick Avenue.  
  Here's Mom on the left with her sisters Elizabeth and Edith, on the roof of the building they, and eventually I, lived in; Here's Granddad Frank and Grandma Juanita in the church with family and members, and Mom is right behind between them; Rev. Vazquez getting ready to preach; And here he is with his car, and with swaggar.  
Grandma often looked out the window of their 5th story apartment and prayed a lot. Mom also did that while me and my siblings were growing up and she wouldn't go to bed until we were all home and safe. The neighborhood had a lot of gangs and drugs and violence but we made it out of there alive and have accomplished a lot; My uncle John Vazquez co-founded the Royal Rangers, a worldwide Christian Boy Scouts organization. My Mom found true love with Rogelio Ramos in 1980 and were together until she went to be with the Lord in 2017; He sold ice cone drinks in the neighborhood (he usually just gave them away, especially to the kids).
Here I am praying for this couple getting married back in 1990; Here are 4 of my uncles on my mother's side: Frankie, Danny, Joe, and David; The 2 couples getting ready to go out to a club to party are uncle Danny with a date, and my brother Charlie with his favorite girl, which he eventually married. They are still madly in love after 46 years. No one from Brooklynhood to Hollywood or anywhere for that matter, had more swaggar than Charlie and Danny. I mean, just look at 'em!
Media Conference at Brooklyn College, May 2010.
Television Producer Jorge Crespo in his studio, with the diploma he earned at BMCC: CUNY, in Cable and Corporate Communications, (now Video Arts & Technology). "We're proud of you, bro!"Mom & stepdad at home.
Graduation Day at Brooklyn College, May 2007. It was a beautiful ceremony. It's always perfect weather. How blessed is that!
Mom, Danny, me, and Bruce, celebrating my graduation from Brooklyn College.The BC campus is always energized with activities.
Cousin George, proud of our Sephardic family.Me and Mom on the L train back to Brooklyn after graduation from The New School (NSU), May 2008.Mom, sister Mickey and her husband Gary at my graduation from NSU.
Mom modeling again.Model Mom posing again.Mom & stepdad going to the supermarket.
On the roof of the house I lived in about 3 blocks from Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, in 1979. I was studying Chinese philosophy behind Diamond Head in Aina Haina, then became a Christian, and eventually returned to New York.The Castro family. Alice (Mom), Ruth, Naomi, David, Carlos. Being a single Mom, she is proud to have raised the 4 of us, by the grace of God.
1980-81: Studying, praying, sleeping and writing, all on the floor.My first book: proofs at the print shop, 1994.
Early versions of my books and tapes. Look at how many notes I gathered for Book 5. I had to divide it into several books.
SHEKINAH TORONTO: download PDFToronto Blessing is referenced by an extraordinary visitation of the Shekinah Glory. Circled in blue is the room in which I began writing the paper when the Shekinah Glory appeared on a weekday afternoon. I worked nights at the Rite Aid on the ground level.
Girl Fly: Christina Villabona Kuntz, a truly great girl with a super spirit; from my last movie project for The New School University. She is an actress, model, show host, and professional media maker, and also graduated from the Media Studies program at NSU.David A. can fly, too!
Characters for my movies: generic Barbie and G.I. Joe (in "Sigmund, the Fraud"); stock photos of people that tried to fly (in "Girl Fly").
Beautiful Brooklyn College and it's great library, December 2003.With my buddies in the Zach Zone, after a very funny play.
Mentoring and editing at The Katharine Gibbs School-New York, where I earned the Associate in Applied Sciences degree in Digital Media Communications, in 2002.At Brooklyn College, where I took a Business of Film class with Professor Thomas Mangan, a Hollywood film director.
With Evangelist Mrs. Paulette Hobgood-Alston, at her sister Cora's wedding where I prayed for God's blessing on the marriage.The divine actress, screenwriter and filmmaker PhAnie Napoli.
With Journalist Bruce and Actress Denise at Brooklyn College.With PhAnie Napoli and Danny Hernandez in Times Square.
The Media Center at Borough of Manhattan Community College of the City University of New York (BMCC: CUNY).With my two great award-winning professors at The New School, Deana Kamiel and Rafael Parra.
Danny, David, and Phillip, live! in New York City!With Eeva Katila, Missionary to Peru, and her sister Mrs. Raakel Katila, Missionary to Brooklyn. They're from Finland, and absolutely in the River of God's blessings!
1982: The historic World-Wide Communion Service hosted by Kenneth Copeland. I was on the front row. I had fasted for 13 days and got the Holy Ghost during the week-long conference. Outside of that World-changing conference, with a satellite dish broadcasting the World-Wide Communion Service. Let's go global!
My last day at the Postal Service, Christmas 1982. I resigned to begin studying for ministry. Clarence, (with blue shirt on left) was my first mentor and Bible teacher. We worked on the top floor of the Gracie Mansion Post Office (Upper Manhattan), in the Parcels Dept., and we talked about the Lord for hours and hours, for about 2 years.Two of the most passionate preachers in New York, and my best friends, Red and Joanne, 2007.
Trying sushi for the very first time, at a Japanese restaurant with some friends, scientists from Columbia University. Hey isn’t that the great Koji Nakanishi, the world’s foremost Organic Chemist, to my left? They had saki, I had the New Wine of the Holy Spirit, and we all had a good time.Prophesying in Brooklyn, New York. That's my Mom, my greatest intercessor and best friend, standing behind me on the right while I was first writing down what I was about to prophesy. It was very powerful.