Hello, all. We are here broadcasting (on occasion) to the world LIVE from Brooklyn, New York City, United States of America. I am David A. Castro, your host and friend. Let’s talk about the supernatural. Had a dream this morning? Seen a vision recently? Have you been visited by angels or heard the voice of God? Feel free to publicly share your experience and observation or ask questions about these kinds of experiences. Other topics and mature content with adult dialog are also welcome, (for ages 18+).

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On this show we share biblical knowledge that can be a blessing and helpful to the reader. However, professional counsel is not intended here. The host is not licensed to give such counsel and does not claim to be an expert on the subject matter, but shares his observations from the Holy Bible in hopes that they may inspire one’s faith in God and increase his/her understanding of the Word of God. Our show also includes speculation, opinions, and comedy (with colorful language), and should be enjoyed as a source of information, inspiration, and entertainment.