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Understanding Supernatural Dreams According to the Bible
A Living Classic

Paperback $24.95Kindle Edition $6.99

A profoundly spiritual, strictly biblical work, this expository reference book may be considered “required reading” for students of the Spirit. It takes the reader on into the spiritual realm and examines dreams therefrom. A classic in its field, it offers to help the reader understand the broad spectrum of dreams and dreaming, and may assist in healing and deliverance from sleep/dream problems. It provides many practical guidelines on trances, audible voices, out-of-body experiences, and other kinds of visions, and encourages the Body of Christ to yield to the Holy Spirit for supernatural experiences along these lines. Highly Recommended.

Chapters include:  What is a Dream?; Be Renewed in the Spirit of Your Dream Life; Sleep in Heavenly Peace; Adventures in the Night Seasons; Dream Recall and Interpretation; Try the Dreams Whether they are of God; Some Experiences; Supernatural Dreams and Trances; Endtime Dreamers; Glossary; 254 pages; 8¼ x 10½”

A powerful presentation on the topic, in a category of its own. An extraordinary, monumental work. The one to get!


Understanding Supernatural Visions According to the Bible

Paperback $19.95Kindle Edition $5.99

Free: Read this whole book, here. Explores a variety of different kinds of visions and clarifies many issues involved in the various realms of supernatural revelations. It encourages Christians to seek those things which are Above (Colossians 3:1), while at the same time challenges us to gain a foundation in the Word of God, to check the motives of our own hearts, and to walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit with Jesus. It is profoundly insightful and helpful to prophets, intercessors, and others who receive visions and revelations of the Lord.

Chapters include:  Spiritual Vision; Pictorial Vision; Panoramic Vision; Dream (Night Vision); Audible Message; Apparition; Divine Sight; Open Heaven; Trance; Out-of-body Experience; Translation; Heavenly Visitation; Wisdom is the Principal Thing; Glossary; 100 pages; 8¼ x 10½”

Clear and well thought out, 12 distinct kinds of visions are identified, defined, and described with examples.


Understanding Voices, Noises & Presences
in the Spiritual Realm

Paperback $14.95Kindle Edition $4.99

In this unique booklet, David addresses spiritual and mystical experiences in a refreshingly insightful manner. As always, he teaches strictly from the Bible as he shines new light on the subject of the spiritual realm and its various manifestations. He shows how to discern which experiences are of God, and endeavors to remove fear and impart faith for supernatural experiences which are of Him.

Chapters include:  Yield to the Spirit; Peculiar Disclosings; Angelic Involvement; Spiritual Presences Around People; Spiritual Presences in Certain Places; Portals, Pathways and Structures; Ask Wisdom; Prayers; 74 pages; 7 x 10”

Answers mysteries about the spiritual realm never before addressed anywhere; a captivating book, some have read it all the way through without putting it down.


The Supernatural Ministry of Angels

Paperback $14.95Kindle Edition $4.99

A thorough yet concise study on the ministry of angels according to the Bible. No mythical, fancy ideas or popular notions are given, but a truly scriptural observation and general analysis of the entire spectrum of angels. 30 questions about angels and their personal, practical involvement in our lives are answered, and where the Scripture is silent or unclear, qualified opinion is given.

Chapters include:  A Prophecy; Kinds of Angels; Jesus, Lord of Angels; Angelic Fellow-Servants; Angels Unawares; Angelic Providence; Evil Angels; Serving God Releases Angels; Tongues of Angels; 30 Questions & Answers; includes a General Listing of Angelic Orders and Employments; 74 pages; 7 x 10”

A completely scriptural presentation on the topic, it addresses a wide variety of classes and operations of angels.


Understanding Supernatural Experiences According
to the Bible

Paperback $24.95Kindle Edition $6.99

Over twenty years in the making, this extraordinary writing reveals how the supernatural realm works, what the Holy Spirit is able to do, and encourages God’s people to embrace the supernatural dimensions of the anointing. Signs and wonders in the heavens and in the earth—revival, special anointings and the Shekinah glory, trances, stigmata and levitation—are all explained.

Chapters include:  Seek the Things Above; My Personal Testimony; The Power of Revelations; Now Concerning Supernaturals; Kinds of Supernatural Experiences; Special Anointings; Understanding the Anointing; Judging Supernatural Experiences; History of Signs and Wonders; Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord; 184 pages; 8¼ x 10½

A must-read for those interested in the spiritual manifestations currently occurring in revival ministries around the world right now.



Paperback $14.95Kindle Edition $4.99

Here David shares a number of supernatural experiences that he has had from the time of his conversion in 1979, in Honolulu, Hawaii. In a wide range of dreams, visions, trances, angelic encounters, and manifestations of the voice of God, he has come to understand their dynamic functions, and hopes to impart wisdom and anointing to the reader through the sharing of the experiences.

Chapters include: Shekinah Glory; Family History; How I Became Christian; I Want to Serve God; How God Speaks in Visions; 74 pages; 7 x 10”

David shares personal details about his family, environment, and upbringing, and a number of visitations of the Lord in his youth; then he gives an excellent explanation of how visions work.


Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Paperback $9.95Kindle Edition $2.99

Free: Read this whole book here. This is Chapter 3 of David's pioneering work, "UNDERSTANDING SUPERNATURAL DREAMS ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, A Living Classic," which is listed below. It is a practical and user-friendly approach to applying the Word of God to our dream life, and to our sleep life. It may prove useful in helping improve the quality of one's sleep, as it informs and inspires in this regard.

This is a very helpful, groundbreaking text. It is insightful, anointed, and practical; a real blessing to the reader, by an author that has had numerous supernatural experiences, visions of the night, and visitations of angels.

Sections include: Natural Causes of Sleep Disturbance; Spiritual Causes of Sleep Disturbance; Some Common Problems; How Can We Enjoy Sleep?; Glossary; 40 pages; 8¼ x 10½”

God gives His beloved sleep, (Psalms 127:2). Sleep in heavenly peace, with angels watching over you!


The Prophet from the Projects: a memoir from the mentor

Paperback $14.95Kindle Edition $4.99

Free: Read this whole book here. Read about it here.

A memoir of David’s experiences in the Church World, this telling book elaborates on his conversion and education in spiritual things, supernatural experiences with the Lord, prophetic messages, and endless struggles to get his books published, which he ultimately had to do autonomously. In a frank and sober tone, he discusses what he found among many popular leaders in church circles, and gives reports of plagiarism, rejection, greed, elitism, classism, racism, and favoritism. It’s all politics, and all is not kosher in the Church.

A positively refreshing series of insights from the Lord reveal the current time and what God is doing in the world today. An extraordinary plan of God is unfolding, and it includes wonderfully-anointed activity both inside and outside the Church World.

Chapters include: Who, in Heaven’s Name, is David A. Castro?; The Church World is About to Collapse; The Heartland Connection; Unconvention is the New Anointing in Town; 84 pages; 7 x 10”

  • God said to call out the fake prophets by name
  • Thousands of visions have anointed David; the fakes can't stand it, so they killed David A. Castro Ministres
  • David's new book is as raw and real as it gets
  • Brand new from the 'hood.

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Paperback $39.95

Chapters include: 

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Audio CD 62 minutes

WHAT TIME IT IS: We've Just Changed Lanes

Possibly the MOST POWERFUL elaborate vision in a supernatural trance that brother David has ever received from God. A "must-have" from Amazon.Short version here

  • Fireball of God's Glory hits the Earth
  • Earth has been shifted by 3 1/2 minutes
  • God has taken over the world
  • All the rules have changed
  • Conventions have collapsed
  • We've just changed lanes

Video DVD 96 minutes

THE TRUE SEER, Part 1: Foreword by James W. Goll

Raw, uncensored report of my unbelievable publishing journey. In 1994, James W. Goll wrote the Foreword to my second book, "Understanding Supernatural Visions According To The Bible," (for which I had prayed, fasted, and did original research for several years). From 1991 to 1997-98, he and his late wife, Michal Ann Goll, celebrated my prophetic anointing and my books and promised to support my ministry when they "make it big." But then he plagiarized my writing a lot, ostracized me, took the limelight, and essentially killed David A. Castro Ministries (God's words to me). His friends (Chavda, Bickle, Joyner, Chironna, Nori, Virkler, Clark... ) have all refused to respond to my complaints of Goll's great sin. Can he teach about angels and holy watchers from Heaven and not feel convicted that his secret activity is being watched? Can he go on ignoring this charge against him that the LORD has called? In July 2013, the Lord articulated audibly, "NOW IS THE TIME" to tell the world what James has done. I did so in this DVD and in the free book, "The Prophet From The Projects."


Video DVD 126 minutes

THE TRUE SEER, Part 2: J-Lo, Nicki Minaj, Will Smith

Several visions from the Lord, including for entertainers and celebrities. A unique item from Amazon
  • J-Lo, Nicki Minaj, Will Smith, Rosie O'Donnell, Snooki, Mary J. Blige
  • Taking the spoils today
  • How to let God direct
  • Previews here