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These messages from God.

For those that don't know me, let me explain. My messages are not sermons or motivational preaching. All my messages are inspired by a dream, vision, angelic visitation, or supernatural experience from God. I do teach from the Bible to support the messages, but I don't invent them.

Regarding celebrities and other well-known persons, I do not ask God to show me stuff about them, and I don't try to go into a trance and see in the spirit dimension. I am not a "pop psychic" or "pop prophet" and I do not pop out "messages from God" at a whim. I simply permit God to reveal things if and when He chooses, and I do not add to, or exaggerate, or otherwise embellish what little He might reveal. Sincerely, "David."

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(Updated November 9, 2016, 11:10 a.m.):

I was not vague in my messages of Hillary winning and still maintain that my visions were divinely inspired by God. How Trump won? I am asking God about that and about what we can expect. So far, I don't see the positives from this because the Lord clearly showed me toxicity with Trump, and many positive things from a President Hillary Clinton Administration. In my most powerful vision affirming Hillary, in a trance with glorious rays of light and heavenly music, I heard the words, "Support... supremely... and get the votes..." (with a distinct sense of Hillary Clinton's presence nearby); and I had over a dozen other affirming revelations of her. This is what makes Trump's win particularly shocking and confusing. So, I will share more as the Lord reveals more over time. God bless all.

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(Updated October 31, 2016):

The Lord showed me she'll win!

Dreams and visions from the Lord have been with us ever since thoughts from the Lord have been with us because dreams are thoughts, and our thoughts can be of our own making, and also the Lord's making. Dreams can be the Lord's making.

God is pleased to share these revelations with me, so I am pleased to share them with you.

On May 28, 2014: I dreamed Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Election. Obama had just left the White House, and Hillary was inside sitting and waiting and preparing. Just one simple dream; I thought I'd probably get more, and I did.

January 19, 2015: Roughly from 12:00 midnight to 12:40-ish am, coincidently on the morning of Martin Luther King's birthday:
Glorious rays of light shooting forth from me (face and body). I'm petting a cat (feline/female), she sits on my right shoulder and her body leans on my right ear, and her body resonates and articulates verbatim: "I saw the Lord; He was high and lifted up and His Glory filled the temple." (Isaiah 6:1) Then the rays shining forth through me began to produce many different musical tones, like various pipes of a church organ. It was very divine, holy, and prophetic in its essence.
I tossed to and fro on the bed a few times, in and out of sleep, over the next 40-ish minutes, and saw these visions/ supernatural dreams while under a heavy anointing of the Holy Spirit (I physically felt the powerful presence of God).
Then I saw these visions and heard these words: "Support... supremely... and get the votes... (with a distinct sense of Hillary Clinton's presence nearby).
I saw America at night lit up with bright lights (houses, buildings) all across, giving the idea that things were getting better and better opportunity-wise for people of color (which automatically means for the whole nation).
Then I saw Conservative Republican Whites with cowboy hats, walking (maybe leaving?) eastward toward the East Coast and maybe further, saying, "I hate this country."
I saw Hillary influencing policy that would enable material resources, including money, to flow more to regular folks and not just to the rich elite. This is the posture of Democrats, so it suggested Hillary being elected President.

June 27, 2016, 9:20-22 am:
I had an extraordinary vision in which I was talking with Hillary Clinton about her winning the election this November. I hugged her and whispered in her ear that as I support President Obama, I support her. I also saw that she would have 2 terms in office, and assured her that I will be praying for her with high priority.

June 18, 2016, 11:15 pm:
I dreamed Trump would lose because he is toxic, and it seemed he didn't want to win. He had been injected with a green substance in a needle, by several different sources (he had been poisoned by various absurd ideas by various groups). I also saw that very soon, like the next couple of months, poll numbers will confirm his unpopularity; voter, delegate counts will overwhelmingly assure his loss. I absolutely have no affiliation to an opinionated community, no bias, and no interest in political noise. I don't even ask God to show me this stuff, but He does, and I tell it without embellishment.

I dreamed about Trump being toxic about 5 times. I don't even want to mention any more than that. Thinking about him once around June or July 2016, I heard the words: "Pure entertainment." Enough said.

In November, 2015: I dreamed that race relations will improve in America very shortly, because more and more are discovering they are mixed anyway. In the same dream, I saw land-moving equipment plowing across America, especially across the Heartland, westward, and new communities and cities being built. I saw the words "New Land." This informs me that there will shortly be great spikes in the economy and real estate and business. In this extraordinary vision, I was with an extremely sharp prophetess and we both viewed America from above the Earth, and she was noting details about the nation through a sort of lens. But I told her, "No, don't look through your lens, look through my seeing glass; she did and was able to see even more detail and became impressed, saying, "How can you see like that?"

(I hate that I've got to speak well of myself, but I do, otherwise many will go along following what others, that are not so accurate, are saying. I don't want to be guilty of false humility, and want to point to truth, like a real prophet should, never minding what people might think of me.)

Some time last year, I dreamed it will soon become very easy for immigrants to come to America legally. Things will change significantly. In the dream, it seemed it could easily become an overnight process. The legal document process was expedited and made nearly instant. This is more likely to occur during a Clinton Administration, again indicating that Hillary will win.

So, I have had about a dozen dreams/visions that affirm a Hillary Clinton presidency. I have every reason to believe they are divinely inspired from God, and simply say, "Amen," and will vote for her.

When one considers the context of my spiritual life and the veracity and purity of my teaching and prophecies for over 30 years, it establishes me as a true seer inspired by very God without any garbage added. So, hearer, will you be satisfied by this report? Or will you be like the cynics throughout the ages that were postured against Jesus and His messengers no matter how divinely inspired, unbiased, exact and true their prophecies were?
I'm not trying to entertain here, I have no religious or political affiliation or agenda, and I don't follow politics, politicians, or policies. I'm just a regular guy to whom God speaks.
With utmost sincerity of heart and confidence of spirit, I am your humble servant, friend, and Prophet From The Projects, The True Seer, the Brooklyn Blessing guy, and now a Hillary Fan.

God bless every hearer, God bless the President, God bless America.

(Updated October 31, 2016)

Dreams from God about Obama's elections.

On November 5, 2012 (the day before the presidential election), I dreamed President Barack Obama would be re-elected by a landslide, and he was. On Election morning 2008 (4 years earlier), I dreamed that he would win by a landslide, and he did. In that dream, I also saw that he would be declared winner on that Tuesday evening, not the following Wednesday morning, which is the norm. At 11:00 pm EST he was declared winner. I'm not affiliated with political ideologues and have no posture or bias. In fact, I have no interest in political parties, policies, or events. If God reveals His will, I simply agree and share it.

As He revealed, Obama was re-elected, again by a landslide, according to the Electoral Vote. Wow! God bless you, God bless the President, and God bless America. Yay!

I was not asking God to show me anything about the 2016 Presidential election. In fact, the difficulty I had in sharing the spiritual insights about 2008 and 2012 made me ask God to not show me political stuff. But I still say "Nevertheless, not my will but Your will be done." So He did show me what I wrote above.

(Updated January 19, 2015)

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