ln recent years, the Lord has inspired me to get into acting, so I have been studying and composing pieces to showcase my talent. Check out my Acting Channel on YouTube. Yes, I am still a Prophet, Author, Filmmaker, Content Producer, and Dream Interpreter.


Over 1,000,000 views on first day. Where's my Oscar?

Folks, this was just a prank.

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Here are some videos I've worked on over the last few years: sometimes for school assignments, sometimes for fun. l occasionally use other's material or footage, such as copyrighted music, television footage, or still images. As a student, I am permitted to use such material for school assignments. I have not profited financially and don't intend to take these pieces to marketing, but only as portfolio pieces that demonstrate my skills. I honor and dignify all those whose artistry I included in any of these projects, such as Carlos Santana ("Para Los Rumberos" in "Night Life"), the G.I. Joe action figures (in "Sigmund, the Fraud"), Sun Ra ("Space is the Place" in "Aliens On High"), "Fly Robin Fly" (in "Girl Fly"), and other elements. Thank you.

:David A. Castro


College Drop-In, July 2007.College Drop-In, July 2010.Sigmund, The Fraud, Dec. 2007.


Aliens On High, May 2008.Girl Fly, May 2008, part 1.Girl Fly, part 2.

These two class assignments served as the inspiration for "Fanny Fly And The Aliens On High."


Football Hero, part 1Football Hero, part 2.Night Life, May 2007.