Welcome to our new page FOREX. Yes, I have been studying 5 years how to trade on the Foreign Exchange currency markets and have gotten pretty good at it, so I wrote a book and published it September 2019. It is a practical manual; the sexiest book you'll ever read because... it will free you up, financially.


Online trading is a global phenomenon that is taking the world by storm. Making money in the Foreign Exchange (FOREX), commodities, stocks, and other Markets is quickly gaining in popularity and becoming a common pastime. People of all walks of life are beginning to enter this world of the Markets to augment their income, and some are able to quit their day jobs as a result.

Who can do this? And how? Just about anyone--housewives, students, blue-collar workers, the unemployed, even High School dropouts, as well as more educated and experienced professionals. Online access and a bank account are the first essentials, then establishing accounts with an online broker and charting platform from the comfort of your home.

The vast majority of those beginning to trade online now usually have no prior experience or specialized education. It is not, as it used to be, exclusively for those with lots of money and unique understanding and opportunity.

With focus on currencies, the readers will be shown strategies for forecasting whether any asset will go up, or down, so they win in their trades. These are some of the same techniques used by professional traders all over the world for centuries, presented in a simple, practical, user-friendly way.

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Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 11.7 inches


Chapter 1:

TIME & PRICE Targets

Only the simplest trigonometric and Fibonacci calculations are used to uncover the DNA data in Price Value Highs & Lows of significant Swings to help establish "when" Price will do something, "what" direction it's going, and "how many Pips" it will trek.

Chapter 2:

Price Parameters: Ceilings & Floors, Walls & Doors; Indicators

Significant Round Numbers as Support & Resistance; Cycles; Moving averages & Oscillators: how do they cohere to confirm a trade setup? The tools I use are shared in detail. Nothing proprietary or exotic here.


Chapter 3:

Naked Trading

Several ways are shown on how to look at Charts without any Indicators and still be able to interpret where Price is planning to go. We should always use Indicators that we are comfortable with, but knowing how to Forecast without them is a good exercise. Flash Cards to cut out are included for convenient study on the go.



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A lot of money can be lost in trading. Many people quit because of this. Past performance may not be indicative of future results. You can lose money. There are no guarantees that you will profit, so practicing with a Demo account is highly recommended. However, you will definitely learn a lot and possibly become profitable.

David A. Castro, September 10, 2019

Brooklyn, New York, United States of America